Archived Memories

Below are important memories shared by Bold New Democracy members. Come join us while we make many more!

group of people holding signages

Pugnacity 9/25/2020

"You know Bob, I understand that Caputo might have been chanelling Trump, but why would Trump want people to buy ammunition now?"
"You would have to read Trump's mind the moment before he answered that question before you would have any advance warning about that. He might say something like he wouldn't want people to panic when they went to gun shops in November and found empty shelves."
"That isn't very comforting. It's like he is promoting violence."
"See, I told you he might say that."

man standing near smoke

Pugnacity 9/24/2020

"I don't understand why the Trump appointed spokesperson at HHS suggested we buy ammunition before the election."
"Oh, that's easy to explain. It's called the TRUMP-16 virus. Your mind is controlled by the president and words just fall out of your mouth from time to time."
"That sounds like a serious condition."
"Oh, it is. It's been spreading for about four years. It settles on the brain stem and grows outward. This is magnified about 1600 times."

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Pugnacity 9/23/2020

"Like their leader said, 'it will just go away.' He just wasn't talking about the planet."
"A curious species."
"Not really. That was their problem."

weasel sticker

Pugnacity 9/22/2020

"You know George, when I look at the students playing soccer, I can fairly easily see the connection between cause and effect."
"I understand. Player applies force. Ball travels a certain distance."
"Historians have suggested a major cause of World War II was the high cost of reparations demanded by the French after World War I."
"Ok. Germany's weakened state, exacerbated by economic ruin, allowed the Nazis to gain power. Seems understandable."
"Historians also believe the Spanish Flu, the pandemic of 1918, was a contributing factor to the outbreak of World War II."
"I don't understand."
"President Woodrow Wilson mishandled the pandemic and even became ill himself. In his weakened state, he gave in quickly to the French demands for significant restitution. The self interest of the weakened president had quite an influence on history."
"You're scaring me. We know our current president's egotism is tremendous."
"Well, I know you'll come to the only reasonable conclusion. Vote."

Pugnacity 9/17/2020

"So now you buy that he kept the worst news about the virus quiet because he didn't want to cause a panic."
"And yet, almost 200,000 Americans have died because of his decision."
"No. What is unfortunate is your willingness to forgive horrible leadership. How many Americans will die the next time he keeps a secret from us? Your silence says everything."

George W. Bush standing on lectern during daytime

Pugnacity 9/16/2020

"You know Jelani, I finally figured out why they call the first ten the Bill of Rights."
"Because if you aren't paying close attention, they can be taken away before you know it."
"You Americans are slow learners, aren't you?"

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woman holding Save Our Future signage


"Senator Brown, I am writing this open letter because of my concern about the coming election. I feel that democracy itself is on the ballot. Please do everything you can to see that Donald Trump is not re-elected. Сенатор Портман и представители Шабо и Венструп, я пишу это открытое письмо, потому что обеспокоен предстоящими выборами. Я чувствую, что сама демократия в бюллетенях. Пожалуйста, сделайте все возможное, чтобы Дональд Трамп не был переизбран."
"I have no idea what last two sentences mean?"
"Good for you. What I wrote to Senator Brown, I rewrote in Russian to my Republican representatives, Portman and Chabot. That way they won't have to translate when they're conferencing with the president."

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Pugnacity 9/14/2020

"What are you up to?"
"I'm writing a couple of people for recommendations on the foreign languages I should take. I've selected a major in international studies, and I'm told your first choice often determines future coursework. I'm almost done with my first letter."
"Well, you might want to seriously consider taking Russian. If Trump is reelected, it would be wise to ask Vladimir Putin. God help us all."
"Well, I won't start the class until January, so I guess I could hold off on a second letter. If you're scenario works out and I take your advice, I'm done."

U.S.A flag under blue sky

Pugnacity 9/11/2020

"Did you hear Vice President Biden's press conference the other day? He can't figure out why Trump doesn't use his genius negotiating powers to bring congressional leaders together and solve our problems associated with an out-of-control corona-virus. And Trump calls himself a great negotiator."
"He doesn't trust anyone but himself."
"What you are telling me is he doesn't really negotiate. That was all a bluff. What he has done all his life as a business man is bluff and brow beat people long enough that he sometimes gets his way. It's a reckless strategy, and the White House does everything they can to clean up his messes. But as the saying goes, sometimes you just can't put lipstick on it."
"You know what, for once I understand the expression."

George W. Bush standing on lectern during daytime

Pugnacity 9/10/2020

"Did you hear that Laura Ingraham even thought it was a little wild when the president talked about people in "dark shadows" controlling Vice President Biden?"
"Yes, you have to wonder how important the DOW and appointment of judges is to these Republicans."
"What do you mean?"
"They have a man as the leader of their party who is more equipped to appear in a soap opera than handle the nuclear codes of our country."
"You're right. The way Trump is talking, he would make a great Barnabas. 'Satan! Mock me not with your strange luminence!"

Barack Obama

Pugnacity 9/9/2020

"Now, there is another wire. Should I or shouldn't I? One side wants to re-establish the tradition of using us to carry their mail. The other wants to make sure we do not succeed. A number of my fiends met their end when they landed on the wrong wire. I know what I'll do. I'll put on a MAGA hat and ask the next person with an orange face what they would do."

bird's-eye view of sitting on bench while discussion

Pugnacity 9/8/2020

"Charlie, where are you now?"
"I'm in the United States."
"OK, there is good news and bad news."
"What's the good news?"
"According to Yale University's Center for Environmental Law & Policy, they are not on the list of top 20 environmentally unfriendly nations."
"What's the bad news?"
"They are not in the top 20 either. In fact, the United States has slipped 15 points on a 100 point scale since 2016. Even Belgium leapfrogged past the United States during that time period moving from 40th to 15th place."
"Say guys, I know a place that has a reputation for great waffles. When you are ready, we'll head there."

woman holding Save Our Future signage

Pugnacity 9/7/2020

"Do you know why Richard Nixon won in 1968? There was a great deal of tumult in the country with very unfortunate assassinations and an unpopular war in Vietnam. Nixon was throwing the responsibility for the unrest back at the then current Democratic administration."
"Yes, that is essentially correct. And Donald Trump is going to get my vote for the same reason."
"Wow, and I thought he was the president during the last four years."
"He has been, but no one would listen to him."
"You mean he didn't do a good job leading, correct?"
"Drink your coffee."

Pugnacity 9/4/2020

Pugnacity 9/3/2020

Pugnacity 9/2/2020

Donald Trump paper inside bicycle basket

Pugnacity 9/1/2020

"You know Mrs. Jackson, I googled the top reasons minors are granted emancipation in Ohio."
"My mother's not voting. Worse, my father is voting for Trump."
"I'll pay for your lawyer."

Pugnacity 8/31/2020

"So, you think voting for Trump is a good idea?  Let me ask you this, if Putin decided to rebuild the old Soviet Bloc and rushed troops into Ukraine, do you think Trump would counter? "
"I think it would depend on the situation, and I would trust his judgement."
"Ok, if Trump was warned by U.S. intelligence experts that Soviet soldiers were paid a bounty for killing U.S. soldiers, would Trump rush to defend our troops?"
"Oh, you are trying to corner me with that old story about bounties on U.S. troops in Afghanistan."
"No, I asked a straightforward question. You are using a common Trump tactic. Don't look here, look over there instead. The game is getting old, like Trump, you are going down!"

U.S.A flag under blue sky

Pugnacity 8/28/2020

"I thought your joke yesterday about the president suggesting he may want a re-do of the 2016 election was good. But I'm glad you didn't say it in front of your boss. I know he is a Trump supporter."
"Oh, you didn't hear? He has given money to the Lincoln Project.  But he wouldn't admit it. He would be afraid of losing contracts."
"Trump does have a way of shutting up his critics. Can you imagine what our country would be like if we could shut him up?"
"Well, to be serious, I'm sure any attempt to teach him humility would be met with great frustration. But your question reminds me of a once popular slogan."

Everyone is Welcome signage

Pugnacity 8/27/2020

"So the president thinks there will have to be a do-over if he doesn't win."
"Yes. He said it."
"You know, I wouldn't mind.  We now know so much more about how Russia interfered during the 2016 election.  I wouldn't mind re-doing the 2016 election.  We could just automatically reverse everything he has done.  Think of all that money billionaires would have to pay back.  And he has probably made a mint as well.  And those horrible judgeships!  The immigrants who would be freed and restored as families!  Unfortunately, we can not reverse the needless lives lost to the coronavirus.  Wow, we'll need a few months just to put together a list of all of the damage he has done.  A re-do.  And he even might recommend it. We can only hope."

Everyone is Welcome signage

Pugnacity 8/26/2020

"You know, Ohio really has a lop-sided legislature. So much of one party when the State is much closer to 50-50 in terms of party of preference."
"I know, the Republicans decided long ago they needed to paste together groups that have little in common except wanting to rebuild the past. They did a good job of that and later exaggerated their own influence through legislation. Legal but certainly not honorable."
"Yes, it seems like they are shooting for 1952."
"Well, you're close. I think 1852 is a little closer. They no longer act as if democracy is 'government of the people, by the people, for the people'. They think of 'people' as pawns in a chess game. When times become tough, they are expendable. It is what it is."

group of people holding signages

Pugnacity 8/25/2020

"Buddy, I know you are still worried about your test getting here through the mail on time. But didn't you vote for Trump?"
"Yes. I bought the package. I remember them saying, 'oh, he's just talking that way during the election. He'll change once he gets into office.' He has certainly changed, but it's been for the worse. The constant lies, the anti-science stuff, the 'it is what it is' line."
"Who are you going to vote for this time."
"A real leader, Joe Biden. When my test finally arrives, I think I'll send the rest of my stool sample to the White House."
"Now that's what I call returning the package."

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Pugnacity 8/24/2020

"You look worried buddy. What's wrong? The last time you looked this worried was when you heard your sister had COVID-19."
"My doctor ordered a cologuard test for me."
"At your age that is probably pretty normal. I wouldn't worry. It's probably just precautionary."
"All of that is true. But if it is positive, time is very important."
"Your doctor is good. He'll see that you get treatment."
"My concern is, the test is coming by mail."

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Pugnacity 8/21/2020

"You know, I thought about what you said yesterday about your daughter teaching her little brother to stand up for his convictions. I'm impressed by her, and I'm impressed by you for raising your daughter to become such a positive role model in her own right."
"How did you come to this realization?"
"I just realized that I was previously looking at you both from a sexist viewpoint."

"Congratulations. You've shown more character than our president by examining and admitting your mistake.  I would trust you during a crisis at least two-hundred-thousand more times than I ever would him. And you can bet that many lives on it. At least that many."

Everyone is Welcome signage

Pugnacity 8/20/2020

"I understand the president immediately accused Kamala Harris of being 'nasty'. He thought she treated Joe Biden that way during the primary campaign. He also thought she treated Brett Kavanaugh shamefully during his confirmation hearing."
"Yes, he has an issue with matter of fact people. Especially women. But you should read the transcripts."
"Well, your daughter does look cute holding that sign."
"That's nice of you to say, but what you missed was she is teaching her little brother how to stand up for what is right. Remember that when you get a chance to vote for her."

weasel sticker

Pugnacity 8/19/2020

"Did you hear that Kanye West is running for president in states where there are tight races? I'll bet that terrifies you Democrats."
"Why? He has trouble with women. He has some pretty wild tweets. He is considered wealthy so you 'probably' would say he couldn't be bought. And he believes his own divinity should make him tax exempt. That last one is even better than Trump's claims.  So far."
"So, what's your point?"
"Then you are admitting that Trump's character has nothing to do with why Republicans will vote for Trump. It's confirming that your party can't deliver with moral integrity. Let the man do whatever to this country to reach a supposed ideal place. Lord, protect us all."

assorted flag lot

Pugnacity 8/18/2020

"Yesterday you mentioned that post by one of the president's supporters about him not being bought."
"Yes, what of it?"
"The next sentence was 'Yes, I can understand not liking the tweets.' That is really giving away the argument."
"What do you mean?"
"The person who wrote the post is suggesting not even his supporters can reason with him. The man never lets reason enter his head. It's all about the easiest way to personally benefit. We've seen that time and time again. They know that he lies all of the time. Does that sound reasonable to you?"
"Unlike whether or not he is bought, we have proof of a real issue. Like the sign says, ..."

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Pugnacity 8/14/2020

"I've heard that violent crime is exploding this year. It spread across the country in cities like New York, Jacksonville, Chicago, and to a lessor extent - but still an increase - Los Angeles and even Atlanta."
"So what happened? Cities had been lowering rates for a number of years."
"The most significant jump came after COVID-19 hit."
"Let me guess. As a result of not addressing the virus in an organized manner, opportunities for many positive forms of social engagements disappeared. At the same time, economic activity dried up in both formal and informal markets. I can see why tempers were frayed."
"Wow, did I say all of that?"
"You laid out the context, and unless you're a disciple of Walter Mitty, it doesn't take long to figure out the rest."

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Pugnacity 8/13/2020

"They say he has this carving on all of his properties. He looks upon it as almost a god."
"That explains so much."

building during day

Pugnacity 8/12/2020

"We almost sold one hundred million of them.  We had him convinced that he could sell it as protection from the corona-virus."
"What happened?"
"We had him when we said, 'It's in the manual. Look it up.' He loved that line and said he would use it soon."
"Then why did you say 'almost'?  You didn't sell them?"
"No, some quick thinking procurement officer reminded him that Lego wasn't at his inauguration."

group of people holding signages

Pugnacity 8/11/2020

"Everyone be quiet. He is working out a method to really mess up mail-in voting. The man has a PhD from Harvard!"
"Mr. President, it looks to me like he is trying to figure out why you charged him six times for a one day golf cart rental."
"Ok, this is all fake news. See what happens when you try to rely on a scientist!"

group of people holding signages

Pugnacity 8/7/2020

"Did you hear that the president is really upset?"
"Why, did he finally understand how devastating the corona-virus is? Or, did someone explain he would need congress to change the date of the election?"
"Well, that last thing did piss him off for a moment. But he has other plans for that."
"Then what did it?"
"He lost his favorite golf ball in those weeds over there. He said something about creating a Department of Lost and Found and not signing any further relief packages until it was funded."
"And people call him self-centered. I lost a ball over there last week."

If you repeat a lie often enough it becomes truth printed wall taken at daytime

Pugnacity 8/6/2020

"Bradley, this is a special dessert for your birthday. I also wanted to let you know, the adults in this world have managed to make quite a mess of things. The national leadership is absent, and we're in quite a pickle. But we will celebrate. We will be together and grow up in a household that values science and truth. I'm sorry to say, that statement itself is regarded as highly political. Who would have known? I'll do my best to help guide you along the way. For now, I only want to say I love you."

selective focus photography of person holding newspaper

Pugnacity 8/5/2020

"Bill, when you go into that hearing today, you know what you have to do."
"Yes, Mr. President. I can fathom."
"Who said anything about Fathom? You know, I haven't seen her show in a long time."
"I'm sorry if I used the wrong word Mr. President, that wasn't very savvy of me."
"That reminds me of the Savoy Club. I wonder if Fathom danced there?"
"Maybe this isn't a good time to talk about testimony before Congress, Mr. President."
"Oh well, you know what to do anyway. I have to find my phone before I go into my next boring meeting on national security."

Donald Trump nesting dolls on red textile

Pugnacity 8/4/2020

"Did you hear that President Trump is concerned about the election."
"Yes, which is curious. Here in Florida, voting by mail is very popular and yet he is fighting that. At the same time, he is fighting to eliminate Social Security which remains popular by a significant group of people. Plus, he refuses to take a national approach to the coronavirus."
"What do you think it all means?"
"I think the American people should be more concerned than him. There is always the electoral college."
"Jeez, don't remind me."

selective focus photography of person holding newspaper

Pugnacity 8/3/2020

"Oliver, I hope we don't get into another argument today."
"Why would we?"
[Oops, I should be careful. I don't want to remind him about the whale.] "Just saying. Ouch! Why did you hit me this time?"
"I can read the screen you know. You think I am a whale."
"But Oliver, I thought you were the one who couldn't read."
"Even a whale..."
"Ouch! Why did you hit me again."
"Now you've got me saying it!"
[You can't win with a very stable genus.]
"Thank you."

George W. Bush standing on lectern during daytime
don't think do't ask pay tax vote for us text

Pugnacity 7/31/2020

"I doubt the Republican Senate will salvage the Voting Rights Act."
"No, unfortunately, they wouldn't. But you can explain that.   And
don't use fear or its cancer hate as an easy excuse."
"Because they don't want us to participate?"
"I think we are finished here. God speed, dear."

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Pugnacity 7/30/2020

"I understand that many people, including world leaders, contacted Mr. Lewis for advice."
"Yes, they did."
"He must have understood a lot."
"Yes, because he participated all of his life. He defended and explained democracy all of his life."
"But he suffered so much for it."
"Now we are beyond my understanding. I can't explain how he managed it all. I can only hope that we emulate him to the best of our ability."

Pugnacity 7/29/2020

"Do you think John Lewis had hate in his heart?"
"While on Earth, I imagine he probably did. I don't know for sure. But if he did, he fought hard against it all of his life."
"How do you know that?"
"Because he never stopped participating and always with the goal of understanding and defending the rights of all. He understood. If our rights do not apply to all, they are secure for no one. He denied hate the opportunity to consume him."

painted garage door

Pugnacity 7/28/2020

"You look sad sweetheart. Why."
"Because John Lewis died."
"That's fine that you feel sad. But more important, you have honored him."
"What do you mean?"
"You registered to vote."

George W. Bush standing on lectern during daytime

Pugnacity 7/24/2020

"Have you seen that commercial where you can't get help from the police during an emergency?"
"Yes. I think it's meant to scare folks like your parents."
"Dad actually threw his shoe at the TV when he saw it."
"Good for him. I knew he had qualities I liked."
"Well he's gotten to know you. But it did take a little time and work. And now he has a wonderful grandchild."
"And they like to say hate is the best motivator."
"It is easier. But you can miss out on a lot."

painted garage door

Pugnacity 7/23/2020

"Did you hear? Many empty nesters are furious with the president after taking their complaint to him about their children not using proper social distancing."
"Why are the parents upset with him?"
"They wanted him to be a better role model."
"Good for them. So what happened?"
"Without warning, he had the FDA replace all of their birth control with hydroxychloroquine. He said the answer just came to him."
"Boy, I'll bet Kayleigh McEnany will have more than just a few 'embers' to put out over that genius idea."

painted garage door

Pugnacity 7/22/2020

"Jose, did you hear the president's Testing Czar, Brett Giroir, say there are early indicators we may be turning the corner on COVID-19?"
"Uh, I'm a little busy right now. I've got to get the ball over there."
"Darn, that was a close call. It will have to be the umpire's decision."
"It wouldn't have been close if you hadn't broken my concentration."
"Well, I guess the Testing Czar was on to something."
"How is that?"
"Like the runner, the virus may be awarded first base."

bundle of newspaper on table

Pugnacity 07/21/2020

"Stanley, let's play that game again."
"Ok Oliver. The one where I guess what animal you are?"
"Yes. But let's put a twist on it this time. You give me a characteristic, and I'll guess the animal."
"Ok, your a very stable genus."
"I know I am Stanley. But thank you. You're finally catching on. Now, back to the game."
[Hmmm. I think I'll leave this one alone. He may hit me again.]  "You're enormous. Ouch! Why did you hit me?"
"I told you to quit commenting on my weight! Now quit wailing!"
"Right! Your a whale! Ouch!"

Pugnacity 7/20/2020

selective focus photography of woman holding arms of man

Pugnacity 7/17/2020

"Auntie Em! Auntie Em"
"Dorothy! Look Joe, she's back. Where were you sweetheart?"
"I'm not sure, but Uncle Joe was there. He and his friends kept leading me home. And Toto was there."
"What was so terrible, dear?"
"It was the other group. They were led by a man who kept calling himself a 'very stable genius'. He kept saying things that were unreal."
"What else was wrong, sweetheart?"
"It was weird, all of the street signs where the 'genius' lived were in some Slavic language. "
"Well, we are all glad you are home dear."
"Me too, Auntie Em. Oh, but anyway, Toto, we're home - home! And this is my room - and you're all here - and I'm not going to leave here ever, ever again, because I love you all!"

Donald Trump nesting dolls on red textile

Pugnacity 7/16/2020

"Did you hear that SCOTUS affirmed that a president can be subpoenaed for possible crimes."
"Yes, what do you think of that?"
"I don't know. But it seems fair."
"You don't buy the argument that he is too connected to world affairs and shouldn't be bothered by such things?
"Personally, I think 'world affairs' is a distraction. I think the president is to be a leader of the people. What if all leaders claimed they were too busy with 'world' or 'business' affairs? Who is concerned about 'our' affairs? It certainly wouldn't be someone who thought he was above the law."
"Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, I'm sure glad you walked into mine."

Mount Rushmore

Pugnacity 7/15/2020

"But speaking about the tennis ball analogy you used the other day. What would you have done differently?"
"Locomotives have been around for two hundred plus years. Approximately the same length of time as our country. And long haul trains can have well over fifty cars by the way. They work very efficiently because the engine provides guidance and the cars are compelled to follow. Even so, cars can look very different. They can even provide very different benefits. But in terms of general direction, they are going the same way. You might say, they have a lot of autonomy but they trust the engine to effectively lead them."
"So, the lack of leadership from the top left fifty states scrambling for their own solutions and there was no well defined, well thought out, and well followed plan for re-opening."
"Here's looking at us, kid."

group of person waving

Pugnacity 7/13/2020

"Did you hear the president speak about consumer confidence and the June employment numbers. Quite impressive. New Highs."
"Ask this.  If you carried a tennis ball up six flights of stairs and then dropped it off the roof, what would happen?"
"It would bounce high once it hit the street."
"Exactly. Under Obama and Trump the ball was carried up the stairs. After the drop--which was caused by many local decisions to close down the economy--it took a nice bounce in June after those decisions were reversed."
"So you're saying, consumers and businesses, wanting to return to a normal state, tried to act like they had before the virus. That created a high bounce."
"Louise, this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship."

Mount Rushmore

Pugnacity 7/9/2020

"Did you hear, the president was furious the other day."
"No, but I bet he was furious about those leaks regarding the Russian's paying bounty money for the lives of American soldiers and other friendly forces."
"That wasn't it. He used a standard line, 'fake news', for that. He is headed to Mt. Rushmore, and Nancy Pelosi sent him a depiction of what his memorial carving should look like. She even said she would personally pay for it."

Pugnacity 7/8/2020

"What else was said in that interview the president had with Hannity?"
"They talked about police reform. The president said Biden and Obama did nothing about it."
"Didn't he mention the halt in the selling of surplus military equipment to the police? And, consent decrees initiated by the Justice Dept. under Obama-Biden are still in place in about twenty city police departments today."
"No, I guess he forgot about those. After all, the surplus equipment sales resumed and the Justice Dept. investigations were stopped when the president took office."
"And yet, the president sounds so sincere when he talks. He's had a lot of prior TV experience."

Barack Obama

Pugnacity 7/6/2020

"I understand Sean Hannity asked the president about his second term agenda the other day."
"Yes, the president talked about experience being important and how John Bolton had been a mistake. Have you seen that film clip showing Biden apparently rambling?"
"Yes, what brought that up?"
"I'm not sure why I thought of that. But I do enjoy film clips more than real interviews."

Pugnacity 7/3/2020

Everyone is Welcome signage

Pugnacity 7/2/2020

"So, do you think it is appropriate for the president to deny the efficacy of the corona-virus?"
"You will have to admit. It has ruined his DOW."
"Yes. But the DOW lives in this world. Not some other. What will hurt it next time? Not to mention the real tragedy. The added lives lost."
"You can't prepare for what might be."
"Well, at least we agree on one thing. He won't."

building during day

Pugnacity 7/1/2020

"That was terrible language you used yesterday. We got some nasty phone calls from his supporters."
"You mean when I said 'jack so and sos'."
"Tell them to take that up with their 'role-model-in-chief'."
"They will just say they knew he wasn't a saint."
"Do you know why they will say the words 'he wasn't' and 'a saint' in the same sentence? They know he skips most of the words."

Pugnacity 6/30/2020

"What are you doing?"
"I overheard a secret service agent say everyone in the White House was going to a big campaign rally soon. So I'm busting out before I end up with the virus."
"How do you know that included you."
"He specifically said all of the jack so and so's were going."

building during day

Pugnacity 6/29/2020

"Did you hear? The president called in a dentist today. But there was a problem."
"No. What was the problem?"
"The dentist wanted him to wear a mask while he administered the nitrous oxide."
"Yes, but that would be in private. No one would see him in the mask."
"Oh, the mask wasn't the problem. The dentist had to sign a form swearing he wouldn't tell anyone if the president whispered 'I'm voting for Joe' while under."

Barack Obama

Pugnacity 6/26/2020

"I bet Joe Biden's White House would be putty in the hands of the Chinese."
"Oh, what's your evidence?"
"It's the way he talks about them. He would be their tool."
"You mean words matter?"
"Definitely!" "I have two, 'TikTok, punk.'"

woman in black jacket holding signage panel

Pugnacity 6/22/2020

"Did you hear? In honor of the president's birthday, the Mitch McConnell controlled Congress sent everyone a bicycle as a present."
"But, you can't ride because of your hip."
"True, but the note said the president had read a headline and later tweeted that employment was cyclical. He added that every adult needed one."
"I guess it does prove he reads. Those progressives are always wrong."

don't think do't ask pay tax vote for us text

Pugnacity 6/19/2020

"Julie, did you hear. The president calmed the nation with law and order."
"You mean he had himself arrested?"
"Julie, you are just like those Democrats. Such a kidder."
"No, I'm a stuffed animal. I don't have to bear the consequences."

selective focus photography of person holding newspaper

Pugnacity 6/17/2020

"Sam, the president left his cell phone in the back seat. Should we say something?"
"Definitely not. Maybe we'll have five minutes of peace."
"What do you mean? He may need it to steer a restless nation."

white printer paper

Pugnacity 6/16/2020

"Sergeant Jones, who is it that will be throwing stuff at us?"
"It's supposed to be the protesters, but these people are so peaceful."
"Wait, I just saw someone toss a bottle of water to Corporal Manning."

Pugnacity 6/15/2020

Barack Obama

Pugnacity 6/12/2020

Pugnacity 6/11/2020

"I'm praying that the outside agitator stays away from here."
"Who do you think he is Pop?"
"I understand he lives in a big white house in Washington DC. Fortunately, they put him in a bunker. But he still tweets and occasionally sticks his head out."
"Does he see his shadow?"
"I don't know. But I understand moods darken when he speaks."

If you repeat a lie often enough it becomes truth printed wall taken at daytime

Pugnacity 6/10/2020

"They like to say that I'm blind. It makes them feel good about themselves. But the truth is, they like to make and enforce laws so unevenly that I just can't see for all of the smoke. It has tragic consequences."

weasel sticker

Pugnacity 6/8/2020

"Now children, there are a few things you must learn:
1) Never apologize. Always blame.
2) Slither away, create a new scandal, and divert attention from your previous mess.
3) If history is thrown back at you for your slimy comments, deny knowing the background.  Or, play the 'I'm strong, he's weak' game."
"Dad, you sound a lot like President Trump."
"Yes, but we're snakes. It sounds juvenile and primeval in humans."

low light photography of armchairs in front of desk

Pugnacity 6/4/2020

Pugnacity 6/3/2020

"William, do you think the DOW will go back up?"
"I know if our friends and you aren't here, it won't make any difference."
"Do you think most people feel that way?"
"I hope so. But I'm afraid some people just don't feel at all."

selective focus photography of woman holding arms of man

Pugnacity 6/2/2020

"Kayleigh, look at those lines. I told you people would be swamping the stores after we re-opened."
"Mr. President, there is a food bank just around the corner. They're lined up for that."
"One moment Kayleigh, I need to tweet Jared - [Start looking for a new press secretary!]"

woman holding Save Our Future signage
Donald Trump nesting dolls on red textile

Pugnacity 5/29/2020

"You know Wilma, this president really is tough on the virus."
"Why do you say that Fred?"
"He is bucking science and taking an unproven drug.  That's tough!"
"And we're on floating ice instead of a glacier."
"I don't understand your point."
"Sadly, neither does he."

Everyone is Welcome signage

Pugnacity 5/28/2020

"Emil, you did it!"
"Yes, he loves it. But the head of the FAA has been fired."
"He complained too quickly that passenger jets had to avoid parts of South Dakota, Nebraska and Wyoming because of the glare. The president said his priorities were mixed up."

George W. Bush standing on lectern during daytime

Pugnacity 5/27/2020

"Sam, did you hear President Trump's explanation about the virus? It's just going to go away."
"Bingo. He's right."
"You talk like him, Sam. How can he say that?"
"We just have strong minds. We see the evidence that's right in front of us."

low light photography of armchairs in front of desk

Pugnacity 5/26/2020

"Emil, does he like the change?"
"Somewhat, I got the most important feature right. He just doesn't like the color."
"What are you doing to do about it?"
"I'm not sure. But he said he would have William Barr look into my great-grandfather Gutzon's immigration status if I didn't get it right."
"It's been nice knowing you, Emil."

Donald Trump nesting dolls on red textile

Pugnacity 5/25/2020

"This Memorial Day I can truly say that I am thankful?"
"Why dear?"
"In 240 days, it will be Jan. 20, 2021. He will no longer be president. You've always taught me to respect what others have paid for with their lives, and it's now clear to me why my vote is important. We honor those who have sacrificed by choosing wisely."

Pugnacity 5/22/2020

low light photography of armchairs in front of desk

Pugnacity 5/21/2020

"You know, Billy. I really like this president."
"Why Manny?"
"Americans blamed us for everything before he came along. This guy is teaching them to blame everyone but himself."
"So, you can say he passes the buuuuck and crossing him is baaaaad news."
"You can put your doe on it."

Pugnacity 5/20/2020

"You are kidding; they may fine, arrest me, or worse for NOT wearing a mask?"

don't think do't ask pay tax vote for us text

Pugnacity 5/19/2020

"He got really upset with me. All I asked was if we were going to support tracing the virus back to business establishments as well as individuals. Now I'm ostracized!"

Pugnacity 5/18/2020

Pugnacity: 5/15/2020

"People who die from COVID-19 aren't suicidal."

"They require someone's help, intentional or not."

woman holding Humans Against Ted Cruz signage during daytime

Pugnacity: 5/14/2020

**Adequate PPE, No
**Adequate Unemployment, No
**Adequate Health Care, No

"Now I know why they call the place for little ones "incubators". Nurture, protect, and grow them tall."

assorted flag lot

Pugnacity: 5/13/2020

"99% of failures come from people who make excuses."
"Honesty is the first chapter in the book of wisdom."

"You said it. A complete dullard."
"Abe, not your usual oratory prowess."
"In the case of 45, there are no words."

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