Assembly Watch

Each "Be Heard" link provides contact information to all members of the committee considering the bill listed along with multiple resources for learning more about the issue under consideration.

Stars indicate Favorability Rating: 1 star=Very Low; 5 star=Very High

Public Health Policy


Revise the informed consent law regarding abortions.

Government Oversight


HB51 - Enact the Second Amendment Preservation Act to add additional protections to the right to bear arm.
HB144 and SB92 approve funding for Aug. Special Elections allowing changes to the Ohio Constitution.

Primary & Secondary Educ.


Require public and chartered nonpublic schools to provide conflict resolution instruction to students in grades kindergarten through twelve.

Higher Education


To enact the Ohio Higher Education Enhancement Act regarding the operation of state institutions of higher education.  Among other things it "Affirm(s) and guarantee that it will not endorse, oppose, comment, or take action, as an institution, on the public policy controversies of the day..."

Constitutional Resolutions


Require a vote of at least 60% of the electors to approve any constitutional amendment and to modify the procedures for an initiative petition proposing a constitutional amendment.

General Government


Proposing to amend Sections 1b, 1e, and 1g of Article II and Sections 1 and 3 of Article XVI of the Constitution of the State of Ohio to require a vote of at least 60% of the electors to approve any constitutional amendment.

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