"'Project 2025,' launched in April 2022 under the leadership of the Heritage Foundation, stands out among the many planning efforts that are currently underway on the Right because it unites much of the conservative movement and the machinery of think tanks as well as activist and lobbying groups behind the goal of installing a more effective, more ruthless rightwing regime. As members of its Advisory Board, “Project 2025” currently lists over 100 organizations and institutions. It’s a Who is Who of rightwing actors – Alliance Defending Freedom, America First Legal Foundation, Center for Renewing America, Claremont Institute, Hillsdale College, Liberty University, Young America’s Foundation, Moms for Liberty, and on and on and on.

In their own parlance, Project 2025 consists of four “pillars”: A policy agenda, spelled out in the 920-page report they published last April, titled: “Mandate for Leadership: A conservative promise” (I); a personnel database, intended to build an army of loyalists (II); a “training effort” that currently consists of online courses they call the “Presidential Administration Academy” to get these loyalists and all political appointees ready to implement the rightwing agenda (III); and, finally, Project 2025 vows to create “a playbook of actions to be taken in the first 180 days of the new Administration to bring quick relief to Americans suffering from the Left’s devastating policies” (IV) – this fourth “pillar” is, at this point, still distinctly vague and seems to exist only in the form of an announcement of future action."

Thomas Zimmer
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Above is a short description of Project 2025 and below is a link to The People's Guide to Project 2025 prepared by Democracy Forward. Below this panel, we've added three videos describing the project further. The first is a legal scholar's, Melissa Murray, summary of Project 2025. The second is John Oliver's description. John's hilarious take on it does not suggest that Project 2025 poses little threat to our democracy. It’s just the opposite. The genre of humor has often been used when the alarm bells need to ring clearly and often. The third, well, let's just say he's connected.

A legal scholar's opinion.

Humor sounds the alarm.

Co-authors of Project 2025

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