Our Mission

We work as political activists to build a bold new democracy that is passionate, progressive, and powered by the people.

We cannot be satisfied with a representative democracy. We need a participatory democracy! Thomas Jefferson said, “[t]he cornerstone of democracy rests on the foundation of an educated electorate.” An “educated electorate” requires an engaged electorate. Engagement means participate. It can mean listen, participate, and/or act to hold the levers of government accountable. There is no need to denigrate or destroy. Nor is there reason to cower. We try to shine a bright light on those attitudes and behaviors designed to limit our participation by tearing us apart.   We do not indoctrinate. We empower! 

The first step in engagement is to learn. We frequently host speakers (office holders, candidates, political theorists, and others engaged in or formerly engaged in governance or the political process) who share our progressive nature. Their involvement is never one directional. We listen; we question; we examine. All three are equally valid forms of participation.

Currently, we have weekly Tuesday evening meetings on Zoom (7:00 pm - 8:30 pm).  Contact our organizer and coordinator, Richard Asimus (contact information below), if you need coaching on Zoom.  Some individuals come to learn, some come to discuss, and others take the lead in carrying out our mission. Some do all three. We hope you will consider joining us.

It’s not all mission undertaking. The few minutes are a social period where members share recent personal and professional experiences on a voluntary basis.  Not everyone chooses to share which is fine.  Discover for yourself if what was said throughout this introduction holds true. If you leave with a desire to participate again, democracy wins! We can’t ask for more.

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